Social/Communications Meeting Minutes – 21-DEC-2014

  Committee, Communications, Minutes, Social

Overview of wiki and blog presented.
Members commit to look at wiki and suggest improvements by 12 January 2014
Chad will provide login and password to wiki and blog to Ian and Krishna
13 January: Hydro subsidy seminar
Social Committee:
– greeting people
– social gatherings
– community interactions
Poor People Action Group – Power to the people.
– Coop to provide space
– Coop providing access to information
Committee idea: Community Outreach!
More graphics for the newsletter.
Ian and Shannon to provide blurb for PPAG for newsletter
Better turn out for social gathering after AGM
Mid-February for social gathering
RSVP for social gathering
Westend Well Food Coop as possibility for food provisions for social gathering
Construct proposal for the social gathering
Get some musicians from coop to provide entertainment
Construct mandate for social committee at the next committee meeting
– focus on regular release
– Social Event
– PPAG power to the people
– Community submission
– Community Swap
– Krishna to work on Human Rights Law
– Coop meetup announcement
– Krishna to get quote for colour printing
– Ian to look into the possibility of getting free food for social gathering